Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my website!

In many respects I consider myself to be both a very fortunate and unique individual. I have acquired many skills through different experiences. I have found self expression through; acting, directing, presenting, teaching and writing. In addition to this my experiences of Poland and Polish language and culture bring in a different dimension. Not only does the command of another language open up contact with the country and its people but it also provides a privileged insider type view of the history of the particular country and its culture.

Therefore it was decided that it was surely time to put the diversity of possibilities of different activities on offer for the world to see!

This site is presently being updated and added to and in particular a new section containing the forthcoming Polish Theatre Project at The Riverside Studios at Hammersmith will be included. This will be concerned with Absurdism in Polish Theatre as Seen in The Work of Witkacy and Mrozek. This due to take place on the weekend of April 12th and 13th. Tickets are £200 for the whole event with a discount of 10% for concessions. Please refer to The Riverside Studios Website for further information.

So...Once again welcome to my website and please do feel free to browse at leisure using the menu bar on the left.

In point of fact The Riverside Studios' Project spawned a great deal of additional activity and helped provide momentum for Witkacy 2009.

Furthermore, I am very pleased about the positive comments this site has received responses will be made.

Kevin Hayes

Updated January 2009