I am an actor, director, and theatre scholar with professional experience as a radio journalist and broadcaster. I have also made regular appearances presenting a comic version of the weather for a national news network in Europe. It might be useful to refer to In any event I’ve undertaken; commercial, corporate and documentary narration. I therefore have experience of working to deadlines in both, professional studio, and broadcasting environments. I have served as a Senior Lecturer in Practical Phonetics tutoring Interpreters and Professional Actors, using the techniques pioneered by Cicely Berry. My work with children’s comic literature has also been well received by younger audiences in specific contexts. The key adjectives which would describe my voice are; warm and silky, confident, comedic and dramatic, charming and distinctive. It has been observed that I should be viewed as a dextrous speaker capable of delivering complex texts with clarity and precision. For my initial vocal training I am indebted to David Bourdon of the Royal Opera House. Furthermore I was fortunate to receive coaching by leading professors of Voice and Speech at the; Warsaw and Cracow Theatre Academies throughout two academic years whilst a British Council Scholar in the 1980’s-behind the Iron Curtain!