I would conceive of myself as a comedy character actor with serious dramatic possibilities under the right circumstances. In addition my experience with Polish theatre has increased my range to include the absurd and the grotesque. I have also performed live in Polish…this is an interesting dimension!

I came to acting somewhat late in life…though theatricality had always been a significant feature of family life; featuring as it did, ten siblings, six boys and four girls. Clowning, irony, mimicry, parody, sarcasm, slap-stick and wit were daily features of domestic life. Plus the fact that in the town in which I grew up, being a member of my family necessitated comporting oneself with a certain amount of style. It was necessary to be seen as an individual. Naturally as a school student I was constantly performing…in front of the rest of the class in my desire to subvert and entertain.

I had a natural predisposition for comedy and my initial encounter with a comic role was with Sir Andrew Aguecheek in ‘Twelfth Night’. Nonetheless the first actual staged production in which I was involved was Alan Ayckbourne’s, ‘Joking Apart’. I played the Reverend Hugh. I was well received by the audience.

Additional comedy stage roles have included Boniface in Faydeau’s classic French farce, ‘HOTEL PARADISO’ as well as a work by the English farce master; Ray Cooney, ‘THERE GOES THE BRIDE’.  More in the classic vein, I had the good fortune to perform one of the most demanding of all theatrical roles: Face, in ‘THE ALCHEMIST’ by Ben Jonson, a contemporary of Shakespeare. No less a figure than Alec Guinness was to refer to the exacting nature of this classic five character role in one, in his autobiography. This production was performed at the famous Minack Theatre in Cornwall.

Though perhaps not my strong point I have also performed in musical comedy in the form of ‘A MUSIC HALL EVENING’ and the famous Bernard Miles restoration comedy musical, ‘LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS’.

Perhaps a very strong point and a good introduction to Polish Theatre were experienced by being involved in some four Polish plays by very important Polish playwrights, namely Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz and Mrozek. I was among the very original group of people undertaking this kind of work in Reading, London and Edinburgh. All of these productions were visually dynamic and visceral fast moving and grotesque.

There are some projects planned for 2009.